Jay north began exploring his passion for music fusing together the wires of his father’s CD players over a decade ago. Norwegian born, Jay is widely known around Norway and Europe for his unforgettable and explosive DJ sets. He has a remarkable talent for connecting with the dance floor, and the ability to adapt to each venue. Respected as a DJ, Producer, Performer, Mixer & Re-mixer, Jay plays a diverse and electric mix with sets ranging from electro, club, progressive and vocal house.

In 2005 Jay realized that just being a good DJ wasn’t enough. He decided that he should use his energy, passion & talent not just to entertain through other people’s music, but also through his own. After researching and obtaining knowledge about electronic music production Jay set up a fully equipped basement studio, where you will currently find him working on solo projects that include producing and forming collaborations with high quality artists and producers.

In 2007 Jay North was brought to peoples attention thanks to the Pete Tong Fasttrax show, where he won the bedroom bedlam competition. Since then Jay has gone on to sign many of his tracks to various labels worldwide, one of his track’s, ‘Drifting feat. Charles Thambi’, was signed to Brand new vibe recordings in the USA. As for 2008, Jay is currently working on original productions, as well as collabs with other producers, singers around the world.

With an uncompromising dedication to musical excellence and no musical boundary, Jay north is definitely one to watch.